About Alpha J. Travel

About Alpha J. Travel

Thank you for choosing Alpha J. Travel! We are a full-service travel agency offering International, Domestic, and Cruise vacation packages to match every desire, situation, and budget. Alpha J. Travel is owned and operated by Helaine Zagaro. Click to see her credentials.

Services Offered:

Custom Itineraries

The world is yours...capture it with the help of Alpha J. Travel. Wherever you want to go, however you want to get there, Alpha J. Travel can find the perfect accommodations and tours for your travel needs. Read more

Complete Travel Solutions

From transportation, to accommodations, to tours and events, Alpha J. Travel will take care of all the details so all you need to do is relax and have fun!

Luxury Accommodations

If you want a luxury experience with no expense spared, Helaine will ensure you have an unforgettable experience; Helaine has travelled extensively and has first-hand knowledge of the venues she reccommends.

Family-Friendly Travel

Alpha J. Travel will ensure that every member of the family, from granparents to babies and everyone in between, has an awesome time on their vacation.


Helaine Zagaro is a cruise specialist, which means that when you tell her the type of vacation you're looking for, she'll navigate you to the best cruise option for your needs.

Destination Weddings

If you want to say "I do" on the shores of a brilliant white sandy beach or atop the Eiffel Tower (or anywhere else), Alpha J. Travel can ensure your day is spectacular.

Destination Celebrations

Celebrate your birthday in paradise; have an anniversary kiss atop the Eiffel Tower; celebrate a graduation on the Ocean. Whatever the occasion, Alpha J. Travel can make it a priceless memory.

Group Travel

Want the whole gang together again? Alpha J. Travel can make that dream vacation a reality.

Why Choose a Travel Agent?

  • Security:

    If you're not using a travel agent, you're on your own, which can be a daunting experience if you miss your flight in a foreign country, or you need to cancel at the last minute because of a family emergency. Travel agents are trained to handle emergencies and deal with the unexpected. In short, a travel agent has your back.

  • Knowledge:

    Part of the job of a travel agent is to gain intimate, first-hand knowledge of the places they promote. While it's possible to spend hours researching a place online, reading through hundreds of reviews (which may be falsified by the venue itself or competitors), there is no substitution for first-hand experience. A good travel agent will have the needs of her client in mind when she travels, and she should travel often. Read Helaine's Travelogue

  • Value:

    Did you know you don't pay extra to use a travel agent? That's right: using a travel agent is a free experience for you. More than a free experience, using a travel agent can actually save you money, because travel agents are often offered insider promotions to pass onto their customers.And because it is in both the travel agent's and venue's best interests to keep the client's best interests in mind, you are more likely to get the best vacation possible.

Credentials & Affiliations

Helaine's Credentials:

  • Italy Expert and Specialist
  • FIT: Foreign Independent Travel Specialist
  • Cruise Specialist
  • Certified Destination Wedding Planning

Helaine's Affiliations: